Hi, I’m Alice.

A Consultant Developer who loves cooking, dogs, beer, dancing, beach and ofc tech!

About me

Hey there! My name is Alice Borner. I’m a Computer Engineer from Brazil 🇧🇷 based in Germany. I love tech and to talk about everything related to it, beyond programming. I graduated a bit more than 2 years ago, but my work career started a few years before, doing internships, which were a game-changer for me.

Tech entered my life a bit by accident. It all started when I was around 16-17 years old, and I had to choose what I would like to do for my studies, as university time was about to come. It was such a stressful time in my life, I remember googling for hours what to do, always trying to talk with different people to ask what their *real* workday looked like, to understand the pros and cons. Until one day a friend who had just started Computer Engineering and I were talking, and I was like “hmm that might be something for me as well”.

After googling a bit more, I made a decision and started university. I was very excited about doing something so challenging and innovative. Learning always motivated me a lot, but as you can imagine, it was not easy. At some moments I thought it was almost impossible, to be very honest. Specially in the beginning, besides the difficulty from the lectures, there was also a feeling of not belonging, having almost no women peers, as well as having to listen hard comments like “she will not reach the 3rd semester”.

Everything got better around the end of the 4th semester when I applied for an internship. When I learned about the daily life of a developer, how to work in a team, the impact of what we were building could have to the users and products. It was just amazing! This was the turning point for me, as I finally felt like I had made the right choice.

Currently, I am working as a Consultant Developer, which increases both my technical knowledge and made me discover this incredible world of consultancy. And after all these years, I can say that I love working in tech, besides all the difficulties that women in tech still face by working in a male dominated industry, we are on the right track in making the industry more diverse, inclusive and equitable.

If I could give one advice to any young girl, it would be: just try it out!

Photo of me with things that I love
Lots of things that I love in a picture 💗

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up!

– Nelson Mandela


Computer Engineer from Brazil, working in Germany as a Software Engineer for the past years.


Web Development with Java and Test Automation


I believe in growing together!

Working collaboratively is one of my main goals.


That I am interested

Developers Productivity, Clean Code, Refactoring, Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development, DevOps, Object-Oriented Programming, Mentoring, Leadership and High Performing Teams.


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